This time of the year!

by amita mishra

Are you wondering when we have all the fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals and grains available to us at all supermarkets throughout the year then why we should choose the right ones with respect to the right season?

Let me tell you this that the reason we need to stick to these seasonal food items is that they are tastier and naturally ripened. It is affordable to buy them when in season and you can stock up for the future. This way you are naturally preserving them too. The Natural colour and flavours are retained well in the particular months. Our bodies needs change with the season. Hence to keep ourselves at the best functioning we need to make sure to eat the right thing at the right time.

Take a look at what’s available when and make the right choice:

Summer [April-June]:

In summer due to heat our body perspires a lot and because of heat we tend to eat less heavy food and prefer to have more liquids. The nature is well designed and provides us with the right produce to keep us healthy, energetic and hydrated during this season.

Mango (Aam)·        Cucumber (Kakadi)
  Pomegranate (Anar) Brinjal (Baingan)
Jackfruit (Fanas) Potato (Aloo)
 Indian Bael (Bael) Bottle Gourd (Lauki)
 Papaya (Papita) Lady Finger (Bhendi)
 Litchee (Litchi) Bitter Gourd (Karela)
 Muskmelon (Kharbooja)Ridged Gourd (Turai)
Oranges (Narangi)Onions (Pyaaj)
Grapes (Angoor)Ivy Gourd (Tendli / Tindora)
 Watermelon (Tarbooz) Pumpkin (Kaddoo)
Neem fruit (Nimboli)Snake Gourd (Padwal)
 Indian Blackberry (Jambul / Jamun) Cluster Beans (Gawaar)
Indian blueberry (Karwand)   Drumstick (Shenga Phali)
Palm fruit (Tadgola) Raw jackfruit (Suran flower Katahal)
White jamun (Safed Jamb) 
Mulberries (Shahtoot) 
Tamarind (Imli) 
   Pistachio (Pista)      Tamarind seeds (Imli Beej)      Sorghum (Jowar)
 Walnuts (akharot)   Split Green Gram (Moong Dal) Wheat (Gehun)
 Red Lentil (Masoor)·        Rice (Chaawal)
 Moth Bean ( Matki)Barley (Jau)
 Pigeon Peas (Tuvar)Foxtail Millet (Kangni)
 Split Black Gram (Urad)Barnyard Millet (Sama ke Chawal)
 Rice Bean (Sutari) 
 Goa Bean (Chowdhari) 

Monsoon [July-September]:
In the rainy season body is prone to cough and cold and water-borne diseases. Hence it is very important to have the right foods as it is very important to keep the body functioning at its best to avoid any. In this season nature again provides us with the right combinations of produce to keep our body strong.
Fruits Vegetables

·Custard Apple (Sitafal)· Bitter Gourd (Karela)
  Pear (Naspati) Lady Finger (Bhendi)
 Apple (Saeb)Colocasia leaves (Arbi)
· Grape fruit (Chakotara)Onions Indian (Pyaaj)
·  Bullocks heart (Ramphal)Teasel Gourd     (Kantola)
Almonds (Badam)Horse Gram (Kulith)Finger Millet (Nachani)
Split Black Gram (Urad)Wheat (Gehun)
 Pigeon Peas (Tuvar) Rice (Chaawal)
 Split Bengal Gram (Chana Dal) Jungle Rice (Vari)
Goa Bean (Chowdhari) 

Winter [October-January]:
This season brings the cold temperatures in and it is lower than the core body temperature which again lowers the immunity of the body. Let us see what all is available in this season to help us out.

  Sapota (Chikku) Spinach (Palak)
     Indian Jujube (Ber)Fenugreek (Methi)
 Papaya (Papita)Beetroot (Chukandar)
 Oranges (Narangi) Yam (Surti kand)
 Sweetlime (Mosambi)French beans (Faras Bean
 Grapes (Angoor) Potato (Aloo)
Pomegranate (Anar)·        Radish (Mooli)
Strawberries·        Sweet Potato (Shakkar Kandi)
Figs (Anjeer)·        Tomato (Tamaatar)
Peach (Aadoo)·        Onions (Pyaaj)
 Apricot (Khoobani)·        Amaranth (Chauli)
 Mulberries (Shahtoot)·        Flat beans (Papdi)
Guava (Amrud)·        Elephant foot (Suran)
Starfruit (Karmal)·        Carrot (Gaajar)
 ·        Ashgourd (Raakh Lauki)
 ·        Cauliflower (Phul Gobi)
 ·        Cabbage (Pata Gobi)
 ·        Dill (Shepu)
 ·        Gongura (Ambadi)
 ·        Spring onions (Haraa Pyaaj)
 ·        Mustard greens (Sarson)
 ·        Peas (Mattar)
Nuts Pulses Grains
·   Peanuts
Split Bengal Gram (Chana Dal)  Pearl Millet (Bajra)
Cashews (Kaju) Horse Gram (Kulith) ·        Wheat (Gehun)
  Split Black Gram (Urad) ·        Rice (Chaawal)
  Chole (Kabuli Chana) ·        Corn (Makka)
   Peas (Matar) ·        Buckwheat (Rajgira Kuttu)
  Pigeon Peas (Tuvar) ·        Amaranth (Rajgira atta)
   Fava (Vaal) Water chestnut (Singhara Atta)
   Red Kidney Beans (Rajma)  
  Black Peas (Kala Vatana)  
  Soybean (Bhatma)  
  Goa Bean (Chowdhari)  

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