Don’t go out, Go Within

by amita mishra

Yes, this phase of life has been chaotic, we are in a situation where things have been difficult.

But here, let us change our perspective a bit and read this with an open mind.

We have always complained about how we don’t have time for ourselves, how we barely see our family, how we never get to complete that one task or learn that new thing which we have always wanted to. I am sure all of you are nodding your head on reading this.

Instead of looking at what we don’t have during these times, let us start looking at what we do.

We are privileged enough to have a roof over our heads, food on our plates, time with our families, more time to rest and look after yourselves and mainly a warm bed to sleep in!

Take this time to be grateful for what you have. Ask yourself if freaking out and panicking will help in this situation?

Let us look at what you can do in these times:



Follow this at this time and you will automatically also be able to manage your housework and your official work.

For all the housewives and working women who are managing the entire family right now, hats off to you and for you all it is of utmost importance that you take at least 10 minutes for yourself a day to breathe and feel grounded.

Do what you can to take care of your mind and stay healthy!

If you have not read our pulses article do go through it, as it will help you understand why most of the meals include pulses.



        Diet Tips and planning [use this gift of time wisely] 

ON RISING 1 tsp ginger with 1 cup warm water
PRE-BREAKFAST 1 banana/4 soaked almonds
ACTIVITY Exercise/yoga practice
BREAKFAST 1 bowl poha/upma


1 green moong dal dosa/ragi dosa + 1 tbsp peanut chutney

ACTIVITY Continue work/work from home/recreational activities
MIDMORNING Peanuts with jaggery/laddo


Nimbu pani/kokum sherbat

LUNCH 2-3 puris + 1 bowl chole/rajma + 1 katori stir-fry veggies + 1 glass buttermilk with ajwain


1 bowl masoor dal + 1 bowl rice/2 wheat oats roti + 1 katori sabzi + 1 katori curd

  • 10 minutes walk/household chores/Vajarasna [[movement for better digestion]
  • Rest/relax [20-30 minutes nap/meditation]
  • Resume work
EVENING Chai with bhel


Homemade leftover chapati khakra



  • Recreational Activities/hobbies/reading/exercise
  • Prepare dinner with family
  • Have early dinners by 7:30
DINNER 1 bowl dalkhichidi with ghee/1 katori rice + 1 bowl moong dal


Rawa dosa/rawa upma/idlis/sada dosa with drumstick sambhar


Sattu bhakri with matki/usal/chana masala


Chowli bhaat/Vaal bhaat/Masoor pulao

  • 10-minute walk/household chore
  • Wrap up work
BEDTIME 1 cup clove water


1 cup haldi dudh with nutmeg

Reach out to us to help you further during this time, we are all in this together!

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