Importance of cooking

by amita mishra

Why we should learn how to cook

My story:

As I was growing up, I used to always watch my mom cook for the family and always wonder how does she make the dish so healthy and tasty at the same time. Soon I started helping her little even if it was just cutting the vegetables for her. This helped me understand that even the way the vegetables are cut brings a particular texture and flavor to the dish. Many people don’t like the idea of cooking or love to cook but don’t have time too.

Learning how to cook or finding time to cook is a very important skill set one should have. When you learn to cook for yourself, you learn to enjoy more healthy foods and start trying out new recipes and use many vegetables which you would never have dreamed of eating. I am someone who used to hate eating gourd vegetables like bottlegourd but now because I have started cooking for myself, I have learned how to use the right ingredients to make anything and everything tasty. I can only manage this with good discipline, support and setting my priorities straight.

Different ways cooking benefits you:

Let us understand that there is nothing like you don’t have time. It’s just about planning and setting priorities. Cooking yourself not only allows you to start eating healthier but also saves a lot of money. Think about all the money you would save and could put to better use just by taking the first step to enter the kitchen and plan out your day better. It also ensures that you are choosing all your ingredients this way you know exactly what you are putting in your body and you can control how much salt or fats are going in your dish.

When we adapt a lifestyle change it not only gives a healthy benefit food-wise but also plays a great role for the mind. Our state of mind also determines how well our food is and how well we prepare it. The ones who cook regularly, I am sure must have noticed that if you enter the kitchen with a bad mood, your dishes don’t tend to be done well or don’t have the expected flavors/texture. Cooking has benefits in beating your stress as it is a very engaging activity and helps you also focusing and diverting your mind. Cooking and eating right is an act of self-care. Listen to your body and its needs. As you eat certain foods you will soon start seeing that there is a change in your energy and moods.

When you go grocery shopping mindfulness plays an important role. You tend to slow down see colors, touch and feel texture of what you buy. Also, if you are parents start teaching your children to accompany you in the kitchen from a young age. Studies show that children tend to get less involved in substance abuse, their grades go up and during exams or in general are less stressed out. So many benefits by just setting your priorities right and set good time aside for cooking and staying healthy.

Tell us what meal did you prepare today. We would love to hear from you and help you out more.

If you are thinking “I am a working person, how do I find time to cook meals?” See our next article on meal preps and quick meals.

Enjoy each and everything you do that way you will forget that it is a task that you have to do!


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