Supercharge your stomach this Monsoon

by amita mishra

Weather has changed and isn’t it the best time?  Cause you know its time for that cup of tea and a plate of pakoras!

Chai, Pakora and the monsoon go hand in hand. For us Indians tea and pakoras are a family tradition during every monsoon. This simple yet extraordinary cup of tea makes a great difference in our lives especially in this season. Tea during the monsoon is very essential in keeping our immunity high and helps us take care of the cough and cold which we usually suffer from during the rains. Ginger tea especially does wonders. Coming to our pakoras; don’t worry about your weight! Its the season to have these yummy fried foods. If you watch your quantity you can have whatever pleases your taste buds.

Part of the secret of success of life is to eat the what you like and let the food fight it out inside -Mark Twain

 During this season our digestion or Agni (fire) as they say in Ayurveda is lowered and to ignite this we need to eat the right kind of foods to keep track of our health and immunity overall.

We need to consume foods that are mildly sour, sweet and salty to balance out our system. Spices play a great role in lighting the fire within us. Spices like pepper, asafoetida, cumin, mustard seeds, carom seeds and dried ginger are recommended.

Along with spices our body also requires a good amount of ghee. Use ghee in moderate amounts to prepare all your foods. Also we need to consume grains like wheat, rice and barely to balance our digestive system. Understand that we need to kickstart our digestive system hence we need to make sure to have warming foods. Moong dal is also a great option during the rains as it is light on the stomach. You can prepare moong dal khichidi to satisfy your need for spicy taste or use the same moong dal to prepare halwa which will satisfy your sweet cravings and be a healthier alternative to mithai(Indian sweets) too. Bhuttas are a great snack option for the rain. With the right spice and tangyness it will satisfy your taste buds very well. This is the reason that we need to feel free to grab that plate of pakoras as it will definitely light up that fire in your stomach.

There is no better feeling in the world than a hot plate of pakoras

Although pakoras are the most famous monsoon treat, there is also Patra or Aluwadi which is made of Colocasia leaves, besan, and the right spices. All this with the right cup of chai is going to work wonders for you this monsoon. Leafy vegetables are usually discouraged in the monsoon but colocasia grows abundantly in this season. So don’t forget to try this too! Samosas are also a great combination with chai and ofcourse I am mentioning again, grab a bhutta squeeze some lime and rub some chat masala on it and you are good to go to satisfy the tangy cravings.

   Enjoy the sweet earthy smell this monsoon with a cup of chai




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