Destroy your modern-day demons this Dussehra

by amita mishra

Dussehra also known as Vijayadashmi, dasara or Dashain, a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.  The History behind Dussehra and its origin is when Lord Rama defeated Ravana and overcame the evil. 

This victory of good over evil has been over the years celebrated in many different ways which includes night long Ramleelas, religious processions in the state of Himachal Pradesh, and Gollu kept in the homes of South Indians where in it is said the shakti of Devi herself comes within these dolls. Dussehra is celebrated for many reasons and does not just revolve around the victory of Lord Rama.

This is also the time where the change in seasons is celebrated where in the Kharif crop is harvested and the rabi crop is sown. 

 There are two myths which surround this festival. One is the destruction of Ravana by Lord Rama. Let us talk a bit about this. Ravana as weknow has ten heads and each head stood for what is understood as evil or sins. When we burn Ravana’s effigy, we are burning lust(Kamna), anger (krodha), attachment (moha), greed (lobha) , pride (mada), selfishness (swarth), jealousy (matsara), ego (ahankara), inhumanism (amanav) and the last injustice (anyaya).

 When we think about it these are all part of our lives and these are the major changes that we need to bring about. When we talk about health and a lifestyle change this is a very huge part of it. If you are wanting to grow or find moksha it is very essential for us to work on this aspect of our lives.

Let us look at the next myth of Dussehra. This revolves around the collective efforts that was used to destroy Mahisha, who was a buffalo demon wreaking havoc on earth. In Many different ways, Dussehra marks a fresh start and new beginnings in our respective lives.

Now let us talk about our current habits compared to what our ancestors would be doing.

 Ideally we should be eating sattvik foods made at home which are easily digestible and is good for our physical and mental state. Nowadays we of course can prepare all the festival foods at anytime.

But the connection between each festival and the food has great symbolism as the ingredients that we use for the preparations of each food item is seasonal and hence very healthy. Our festival food has many options as the diversity of regions and customs are endless.

Feasting is a very important part of Dussehra and Vijayadashami.

There are no set recipes for this day but there are many popular sweets that are made in different regions for example rasgulla in Bengal, Gulab jamun, malpua, rabri and jalebi, halwa puri, in North India, Mysore pak in Karnataka, murruku, appam and payasam in the rest of South India, Kalakandi in Maharashtra, gulab jamun with khoya, rasgulla kheer and sandesh in Bengal. Soan papdi is something all the regions throughout India enjoy and relish during this festive season.

All these foods are solely made on these special days and enjoyed to the fullest.

But we have been moving towards consumption of these foods throughout the year,  fast foods, frozen foods, screen-dependency, eating too late or on the bed, laziness, addictions, Fad diets and ignorance. All these modern-day traditions are eating away at us.

 Today onwards let us try to become better versions of ourselves and slowly phase out these habits and substitute them with habits that will help us grow healthier and stronger.

Write to us on what you would like to change and what new habit you would like to cultivate and we will help you get there!

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