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Having Trouble Finding a Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And We Are Here to Help!

Living mindfully, eating healthy but keeping it fun is our main aim for you and your family.

We strive to help you get comfortable in your miraculous machine called “BODY”.

Our emphasis is not on the number on the scale but how your body feels at the end of the day.

From our ancestral times we have been programmed to eat what is grown in our soil and according to the season.

So why change now?

Come join our digital world to learn how the combination of a peaceful mind and an energetic body will help you achieve much more in life.

What I offer for good health

Therapeutic Nutrition & PCOS



You start off with an hour-long first appointment where your lifestyle is understood, and the plan of action for you is suggested with your full involvement every client has a customized plan of action based on the key areas which need to be worked upon on priority

Meal Planning

There is a call post sending each session, to educate you about the basics of the meal plan and how you plan your day as per the same.


Phone, whats-app and email support for all of your queries.

Special Meal Plan

Meal planning for special occasions like work travel, holiday, wedding, festivals, etc


A weight and inch tracker to help monitor your progress

Traditional Indian Recipes

Nutritious recipes to help you with mindful eating.

What People Are Saying


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