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Our consultations focus more on the “nutrient intake” as compared to the flawed practice of just counting “Calories” and the general weight loss protocols.

We make you keep a track of your eating habit, portion control, sleep hours, medical conditions, fitness, productivity, energy levels, stress, mental peace etc, and the goal is to improve holistically in all areas, hence keeping her program more sustainable as a lifestyle adaptation.

Moreover there are small “goals” kept in each session based on the same, which helps you strategize towards the main goal and help you stay on track with a conscious effort in each session.


Our program works online across India and globally. Each program is customised to an individual’s requirements. The appointments happen over skype/facetime/ phone /whatsapp depending on your convenience and of course if you are in Mumbai we look forward to meeting you at our office in grant road and have a healthy conversation.


 Health assessment. Covers all your food, lifestyle and medical records

Pre consultation call – where you explain your lifestyle, requirements and give a brief history

Meal Plan – A custom meal plan for 10 days is provided on email

Consultation Call –  One call post every session to educate you on the nutrition basics and approach of the session, and discuss the plan of action for those 10 days . 


They are lifestyle programs designed to educate you on how you can build better relations with food and understand what is the best for you.

 Each coaching session is specialized according to your current lifestyle and we help you make better choices, choose healthy options wherever you are and we help you to listen to and understand your body’s signals.

 We not only educate about food choices through our diet plans, but also help you understand the importance of seasonal eating , local foods and superfoods.

 We look to only make sustainable changes for a better you.

Sports Nutrition

Going on a diet is not just for weight loss but there are many aspects of it.

 Here we help all our already fitness enthusiasts to improve and enhance their performance by making the right choices with food and hydration.

 Along with a day to day schedule we also will be providing specific plans for your training and competitions.

 Fueling your body with the right foods at the right time makes a lot of difference in your performance.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most known part of any diet control and that is why we have to be careful of the methods we use to lose.

 We use simple and easy techniques for you to lose as well as maintain the lost weight post the program.

 The idea is for you to be able to do it yourself too when you are done with us.

 Hence it is important for you to choose a safe, sustainable and successful method to make you life easier and to make you more energetic!

Weight Gain

Skinny is not the way to go but looking fit and healthy is what you must aim for.

 Being underweight also has a severe impact on your immune system.

 Hence it is very important to make sure you are at your ideal body weight.

 Getting you at the ideal body weight will not only improve your system internally but also have a great impact on your hair and skin tone.

Nutrition for Children

There are many benefits to taking care of your child’s nutrition at a younger age.

 Learning at a younger age ensures that when the child is older he/she will be able to maintain a good health devoid of medical conditions.

 Their system is also improved to be able to handle what comes their way as they grow older.

 Their needs are different compared to an adult as they are in the growing and developing stage.

 This is the age where you make the difference!

Therapeutic Nutrition & PCOS

Certain medical conditions are hereditary and certain are due to what we do to our bodies but at the end of the day all are related to how you lead your lives.

Instead of  being on medication for lifetime, we want to help you balance your meals and lifestyle in such a way that you can enjoy it too without having it always at the back of your head.

In therapeutic nutrition we deal with a range of diseases and lifestyle disorders which include diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, and much more.

Learn, understand and adopt!


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