Learn to eat mindfully , and  live healthy!

Improving lifestyle, and not counting calories- for fat loss, and reversing disorder!

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Our consultations focus more  on the “nutrient intake” as compared to the flawed practice of just counting “Calories” and the general weight loss protocols.

 We make you keep a track of your eating habit, portion control, sleep hours, medical conditions, fitness, productivity, energy levels, stress, mental peace, etc. Our goal is to improve holistically in all areas which will provide you a sustainable lifestlye modification.

 Moreover in each session we have tasks for you to help you understand yourself and your health better  which will help you aim towards the main goal and help you stay on track with a conscious effort.



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Where does she come from you ask? Well, Amita has always been an ambitious and hardworking woman. Facing many challenges throughout her life she has still held her head high and got where she is now!

In her early 20s she was diagnosed with chronic back pain due to which she had to stop all physical activity which lead to her health deteriorating and eventually leading upto PCOS. Having been an active kid it was very difficult for her not only physically but emotionally too, to cope with this.

Learning from that phase in her life she has overcome all those fears and challenged her self to be happy and healthy every single day and she hopes to do the same for all of you out there….Read more

How It Work’s


Fill assessment

Covers all your food, lifestyle and medical records

    Pre-consultation call 

 Call Before session to understand your lifestyle and get to know you personally to help you better

Our program works online across India and globally. Each program is customized to an individual’s requirements. 

The appointments happen over skype/facetime/ phone /whatsapp depending on your convenience and of course

If you are in Mumbai, 

we look forward to meeting you at our office in grant road and have a healthy conversation. 


Meal Plan 

A custom meal plan for 10 days is provided via email



After each session one call to educate and help plan out your next 10 days


Amita’s diet is as unique as her, being skeptical how online diets will work, took a decision finally to have healthy diet.meal plans on each session…Read more

Rufeena Joseph

A dietician and a friend what more can I say. You are the nicest person I met, so humble, so much patience to always listen to me every time...Read More

Amisha Bhatt

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*All our content are general guidelines. Do consult us for proper guidance or your doctor before you incorporate it into your lifestyle.


Diwali- Our way of looking at it

Diwali- Our way of looking at it

Diwali is a celebration of lights and no celebration goes without eating sweets and all the delicious snack items. The concept of light is to overcome the dark right? Now, in this case, the light holds symbolism of knowledge and wisdom and the darkness being a symbol...

Abhyanga Snan- Health importance of this holy bath

Abhyanga Snan- Health importance of this holy bath

Abhyanga snan or the holy bath is what is practiced across India for centuries during the festival of Diwali. Since childhood we have been woken up by our parents early in the morning to apply oil, massage it in and to clean our bodies on this day.  It is a bathing...

Destroy your modern-day demons this Dussehra

Destroy your modern-day demons this Dussehra

Dussehra also known as Vijayadashmi, dasara or Dashain, a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.  The History behind Dussehra and its origin is when Lord Rama defeated Ravana and overcame the evil.  This victory of good over evil has been over the...

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