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Amita Mishra has been awarded with the Title of “Iconic Nutritionist in Mumbai” and “101 fabulous Global Healthcare leaders of the world” 

 She holds a Masters in Food Science and Nutrition, is a Qualified Yoga instructor, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, and a Zumba lover.  

Having learned Yoga she understands the role food plays on both body and mind. And knows how important it is to have a balanced and stable mind to make conscious choices in regards to food and lifestyle. 

Amita has a global clientele and operates in more than 20 countries for weight loss, disease management, and lifestyle modifications from her office in Mumbai. 

Amita holds in depth knowledge about the nutrition basics and exercise psychology, and believes in educating and  not restricting her clients when on a health program with her.

Personal attention and education lies her key principles to help her clients break through nutrition myths , exercise portion control, make informed choices, adapt a lifestyle change, make time for exercise and hence stay committed in their journey through a step by step approach. 

Her approach is to blend the simple Traditional Household methods, to make you look at your food with Love and not guilt!

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Irony of life- we always crave what we don't have.
Like the west Marvel's at papad and calls it as an example of genius indian cuisine, and we keep running behind the low fat buiscuits, quinoa noodles , millet pasta etc.
Thus leading to an imbalance in health.
To stay balanced, get back to your root's and relish your papad with your dal rice.
It has empowered the women of the country and can also uplift your Health and mood
There are so many varieties of papads across India which I can't even list down.

However our grannies failed in informing us that
1. Its a good appetizer
2 made of lentils, hence free form gluten
3. Rich in protein and dietary fibre.

We seldom know how to make it, but for sure know how to look down upon it.
And if you are looking forward to include this meal in your diet, now is the time!

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures -@_eatchildomine

Also list down the local variety of papads in the comment section .

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What do you think?
And are we doing anything thorough our actions about it?

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From being a travel food, to a staple meal, and now used in contemporary dining here's the story of sattu.

The instant food made with roasted barley or chana actually has no expiry date
For thousand of years it has been a staple food of the monk's, the Brahmans and also the warriors who had to go without food for a long time and lived in limited resources.
It's one of the pious food's mentioned in quran too.

It has a long shelf life and can be used in different ways because of its versatility.
As a sherbat, as a porridge, as a stuffing, as paratha etc
It's the best coolant and a digestive aid and can substitute a meal when you have less time and provides all the nourishment.

So how did such a vital piece of food history disappear into darkness? Ofcourse the westernization and the modern diets which gave the generation a lot to chose from, which came in packets and sold with huge profits.

Sattu is nothing but a food lifeline for good Health and fat loss , and a summer must have.

Credits -. Swarajyamag.com
Pic courtesy @anupamaudawant
ThaNK you for sending me these meal pictures. They touch my heart and soul.

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Peace, health, and happiness they all come from within.
Do not seek it outside

Happy Buddha Purnima.
Make sure you sit with yourself for atleast 5mins today, and try meditating.

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Vadis were always traditionally made in Summers and it showed how we were always a step ahead in terms of meal planing. In rainy season as the availability of ingredients went down the vadis were used to enrich any meal, or replace veggies, in a curry to maximise taste and Nutrition. It used to be a part of a bridal trousseau back then, and the wedding season would be marked by making of the papads and the vadis . Like papads, vadi making used to be a skill which was taught to girls before they get married.

Its a great source of protein, where the vadis are made with lentils, green moong dal, urad dal, etc. However, making a perfect vadi is a skill that comes by practice. A perfect vadi has to be light in weight, crisp outside and airy inside and should cook within 2 mins. It is always fried in oil for before using ina recipe ans its aroma can fill the room.
It's a sunbathed delicacy which also improves your Vit D absorption.

Its a back burning task to make these vadis, but you will see women coming together, singing and sharing stories while it's making, and also soaking in sunlight in that process .

P C- @nayan_more
Now that we have the time and the need for good nutrition, the making of vadis, papads and achaars need to come back, along with an appreciation for this under valued skill and food.

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As a young generation the joy that we get from eating and cooking the pasta, sandwiches, falafel, desserts, cakes etc definitely knows no bound.

But what about trying our own cuisine and knowing our traditional food wisdom. There are more than 60,000 such recipes which are easy, quick healthy and LOST.

One such wholesome meal is the chuni ki roti which can be enjoyed with any sabji, Chutney , jaggery, makhan , or can be eaten plain with ghee . This dal chunni is a by product which is derived
while processing toor dal.

The roti is made by mixing wheat flour and toor dal, made in the traditional chulha ( fire bhatti or stove ) .
Grind coarsely the toor dal , and soak it for about 2 hours.
Now knead your dough using this soaked and crushed dal, Onion, lot of garlic pieces, jeera, amchur , kala Namak, corriander and Ajwain.
Slow cook this on your tawa, and have it hot with ghee over it.
It's tasty, wholesome, unique and traditional from the old cultures of Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Do give this a try , it's a must have lockdown and summer meal

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Client reviews ❤️
This makes it all worth it😊
Thank you so much @chetna1421
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A must do for everyone in lockdown.
Whether you are working from home or not.
Your spine health matters a lot. lengthening the spine improves circulation to the discs between the vertebrae, which in turn relieves stress from the back and calms the mind.
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The tadka or the tempering in Indian cooking is more than just for taste and flavour.
It increases the nutritional value of the food.
We are living in the times where we look down upon are traditional sabji, dal and Chutneys with the tadka and instead prefer stir fries and turmeric capsules, roasted seeds etc.
However when you consume food in the traditional form it not only enhances the flavour but also enhance the absorption of the nutrients and it's assimilation in the body.

Each household definitely has a different way of giving tadka for different recipes based on the ingredients used in the recipe (like in some it's given before and in some recipes the tadka is given in the end)

Each spice used has its own medicinal value for eg in the panch phoran
-Methi- for hormonal balance and hair growth
-Cumin- aids digestion and secreates pancreatic juices etc
-Nigella or kalonji for weight Loss and hypertension
-Fennel to lower blood pressure, reduce water retention and digestion
-Mustard seeds - for anti ageing, pain reduction etc

Each ingredient has its own temperature to activate the phytonutrients in them . For example you can't add the dal until the jeera cracks and the hing loses its smell.

Thats the beauty of Indian Cooking and our traditional Health system.

Don't let the stir fries kill it or the soups drown it.

ThaNK you @suneetaghosh for this picture.

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There are so many stories related to this auspicious festival, and it always marked the beginning of health, wealth, and prosperity.
The word Akshaya means something that never diminishes. This is the reason why people buy gold on this day, believing it will never diminish and help them prosper. Its time we have realised and it has added real meaning to the saying that health is our real wealth. if your health is not good and you can't enjoy your life. Even you have money also you can't do anything to enjoy your life. Your moment will be restricted, your food will be restricted and your enjoyment will also get restricted automatically. .

So its time we pay attention and hard work in earning the real wealth in life.

pc- @the_wedding_dp_photography
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Many a times, going backward is an important part of moving forward.
Like in the current scenario I hear a lot of us saying, "but when will things go back to NORMAL? .
Honesty the answer is , NEVER.
We won't get back there because that was definitely not working.
We are fortunate enough to get this time to bend backward, check what wasn't going right, learn and move forward.
And in this process you can only control yourself, so expecting everyone to evolve will only create hurt. .
Like in yoga and life going forward can be seen and witnessed but going backwards can only be felt and experienced.
But it strengthens and prepares you to step forward
Trust yourself. You've got your own back. Learn to bend😊
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We often complain of following the diet but not seeing the result. The reason could be poor portion control.
You need to eat as per what your body needs and not mindlessly overeat. .
This happens primarily when you don't pay attention to the act of eating, criticize while eating, or if you deprive yourself of a particular food for long then you end up eating with greed and not love.
However, when you eat intentionally and pay attention to the food, you will realize that you feel satisfied and the body needs much lesser in terms of quantity. .
SO check your portions. Taking multiple servings of a small portion is always better than taking a single-serve with larger portion. This damages your satiety signal, and you are unable to understand - when to stop eating!
Visualize your portions-- take half of it-- and take double time to finish it. 
If still hungry, then repeat the same.
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Drinking water is always an ignored thing when it comes to health management and weight loss.
The weather is changing, and every time it does our appetite changes too
so don't keep fixed meals for yourselves, your appetite constantly changes, nit just for food but also for water. .
In winter our requirement for food increases as the body needs to keep itself warm, but as we step in summers, our appetite for food decreases and water increases as the body needs to cool down based on outside heat. (Simple thermodynamics)
And if drinking water sounds boring- try including it in different forms like we have done traditionally, as chaas, or sherbats or even as INCLUDED WATERS like jeera pani, sabja water , tulsi water, kadha etc.
It helps you regulate your hunger and satiety signals , and also helps the body to flush out toxins , and helps with workouts and fat burning too .
Always check your urine colour , if its yellow that where you have to drink more, and if its clear, you are doing a good job!

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Humanity is challenged like never before.
So this is not just a time for anxiety, fear and worry; but it also gives us a chance to chose. To chose badly or wisely. What we chose today, defines the way we handle and survive things tomorrow.
The time has shook us and woken us up to rediscover things which we never knew existed within us.
Pause, reflect, align with your short term and long term purpose in life and take a step ahead with acceptance, Love, postivity and strength.

Let's rebuild ourselves with better values and evolve collectively.

#motivationmonday #positivevibes #healingenergy #amitamishra #holistichealing #lifestylecoach

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Happy Birthday guruji. @swaymyoga
Thank you for planting the seed of yoga in us. The one who walks his talk, and lives by what he preaches.

Never stop inspiring and guiding.
Wishing you a happy birthday and many more to come

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I was excited to wake up in the morning today, because I knew I'll be making sabudana khichdi for breakfast😂.
Your meals, exercise and activities should be able to excite you and look upto , only then you can sustain and adapt it as a lifestyle.
And if you still need reasons to include sabudana in your diet, let me tell you that they boost energy, increase bone density, improves digestion, lowers blood pressure and a lot more.
The combination of this pearl with peanuts, ghee, cumin , kadi patta, potato ,chilli and ginger is divine and fulfilling.
Also during this period, it's one of the easiest and the most suitable option which can be used to make
Khichdi, wada, idli, dosa,papad, kheer etc.
Ek ingredient aur itne sare recipes and nutritional benefits is why you should be relishing this divine meal .
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Personal story time about the concept of "Weight Loss"
So the left one is me 5 months back where i was 52 kgs.. so though i was well within my limit of "ideal Weight", i didn't feel very healthy within.
I had difficulties in forward bends (i still do, but better than before , because of my arthritis).,my mind used to be fogged with work and creativity.
Now I am at 54kgs.. so should I worry about the gain? Coz I have ideally gained. But gained what?
- I actually feel great within, much more motivated for my workouts, my energy is peaking through the day (I am sure my client's will swear by this) . My skin has become better, inches reduced and I feel so light and positive within. My period's have become better despite my PCOS.
This is what I tell my client's and personally follow and we all inspire each other to become better.
We are all on the same path of self improvement and transformation and not in a number game.
Measure your progress differently and not through numbers. Health is a life long path and does not come in one week or one month programs.
Clear the basics and focus on what you should be doing to last on this path, one step at a time.
#selftransformation #personalgrowthjourney #amitamishra #holistichealth #holisticliving #lifestyleexpert #nutritionistinmumbai #onlineweightlossprogram

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