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Amita Mishra, Holistic Nutritionist, and Lifestyle expert.

Amita Mishra has been awarded with the Title of “Iconic Nutritionist in Mumbai” and “101 fabulous Global Healthcare leaders of the world” 

 She holds a Masters in Food Science and Nutrition, is a Qualified Yoga instructor, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, and a Zumba lover.  

Having learned Yoga she understands the role food plays on both body and mind. And knows how important it is to have a balanced and stable mind to make conscious choices in regards to food and lifestyle. 

Amita has a global clientele and operates in more than 20 countries for weight loss, disease management, and lifestyle modifications from her office in Mumbai. 

Amita holds in depth knowledge about the nutrition basics and exercise psychology, and believes in educating and  not restricting her clients when on a health program with her.

Personal attention and education lies her key principles to help her clients break through nutrition myths , exercise portion control, make informed choices, adapt a lifestyle change, make time for exercise and hence stay committed in their journey through a step by step approach. 

Her approach is to blend the simple Traditional Household methods, to make you look at your food with Love and not guilt!

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So here's the guideline 5- indulge in recreational activities.
Not only it improves physical activity, but reduces stress and enhances mental health too.
Moving your body is a direct way to a happier, healthier you.
Learned this quick choregraphy yesterday by @shashank235 .
Thank you for this challenge @gapa_dancestudio . It was really fun to do this.
So today learn something new and indulge in any activity of your choice. Draw, act, dance, paint, play, sing, Cook etc and improve the quality of your life.

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I made new friends in quarantine and we decided to Dance together.
Say hi to Amita Meeta Geta Neeta and Sarita.
Suggest us what we should do next, in comments.
Ok bye
#amitamishra #clones #quarantinefriends #dancingpartners #gharpekarona #recreation

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Time to send all your pulses recipes.

So this guideline is my most favourite and I guess a global favourite and hence 2016 was declared as a year of pulses by the UNFAO.
Pulses and lentils are the most suistanable and versatile food of all times. They have a broad nutrient profile and hence can be used in a variety of ways and can be a whole meal by itself. So during these times when we don't have access to regular veggies, its time to include pulses in all your meals.
So send in pictures of your moong dal tikki, khichdi, chilla, dal soup, dhokla ,dosa, chhole, chaat , halwa etc.
There are various ways in which they can be used and low in carbs and fat making it Healthy too.

#gharpekarona #healthybanona #transformwithamita #amitamishra #pulses #sustainablefood #healthyfood #weightlosstips #gettingbettereveryday incoronatimes #nutritionistinmumbai

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So here's the guideline 3.

The rule is that the two snack can not be processed or packaged.
Option's include-
1. Nuts
2. Khakra (homemade, use leftover chapati for the same)
3. fruit (if available)
4. Cucumber /carrot (thoroughly washed in warm water)
5. Poha chivda
6. Makhana
7. Cheese/ paneer (unsalted)
8. Ladoo/chikki or peanuts with jaggery
9. Now is the time to make your traditional snacks like karanji, chivda, shankarpara, namakpara,ctc and use that as a mid meal
Do include these meals and send me a pic.
It will not only ensure sustainable nutrient delivery but also reduce cravings and meal quantities for dinner and thus beneficial in better gutt health, sleep and weight Loss.
Waiting for the mid meal pic's.
#gharpekarona #healthybanona #transformwithamita #amitamishra #smallmeals #frequentinterval #weightlosstips

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Here's guideline 2 for your quarantine.

Now that we are home, there is no excuse for not having dinner on time. The max time should be 8pm.

And you can Netflix and chill during the day but avoid gadget use atleast 30 mins before sleeping. It enhances sleep quality and supports the cleansing and recovery mechanism of the body. .
You can read, sing, indulge in self care, mediate etc, but nothing that directly reflects light on your eyes.. .
#gharpekarona #18daychallenge #holistichealth #amitamishra #quarantineideas #transformwithamita #healthybanona #regualtebedtime #earlydinner #weightlosstips

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This is how we are spending our quarantine days.
Cooking, playing, doing yoga, praying , cleaning etc.
Do share what you are doing or If you have any further suggestions?

#quarantine #covid19prevention #stayathome #amitamishra #holisticliving #nutritionistinmumbai #onlineweightlossprogram #familyideas #quarantineideas

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Do not go out, go within.
Stop stressing. We do have enough.
Do not stock. It's the time to strengthen ourselves. Open your chest and breathe.
Accept the reality and don't run away from it.
It's time to take responsibility.
Stay home and encourage the people around you to do the same as well
#donotgoout #stayhome #covid19 #flattenthecurve #yoga #quarantine #gharpekarona #healthybanona #amitamishra #nutritionistinmumbai #lifestylecoach

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Simple tips to boost your immunity. .
Your body has the ability to fight infections you just need to strengthen that response.

#immunesupport #immunitybooster #amitamishra #holisticnutritionist

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Seeing the world in a different way- inversions! (Please read)

I dont compete with a man or show him my worth.
I have a strong support system and I work on building that up.
There are more around me that love me, so should i focus on the hate?
Its time we channel our energies right until its too late.
As women we build, uplift, love and nurture a few,
If that resonates with you, then welcome to the crew -Amita mishra
P.s - the woman of strength and grace in the making!

#happywomensday #inversion #buildingitslowly #yoga

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Let's meet for a fun filled session on women's health and wellness in Kalyan.

Comment below with a "👍" if you are attending the same.
#mentalhealth #holisticnutritionist #AmitaMishra #lifestylecoaching

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This picture tells a lot about me than I myself can.

All my love combined together.
The love for cooking my own meals to a matar Paratha, sunlight and content creation.
There's all in it with a little ghee, thecha, sunlight and taazi hawa.. #AmitaMishra #holisticnutritionist

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The Prakriti and the Purusha!

pic courtesy - @imutkarsh810

#yogicwisdom #AmitaMishra #onlineweightlossprogram #serene #selflove #mondaymotivation

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Eating is an act which involves all your 5 senses...
So use the common sense and hath se khaao!
If you need reasons for it (Coz of course we do, here they are )
1. Provides healthy bacteria
2. Establishes connect with food and sensitizes your satiety signals
3. It acts as a temperature sensor
4 the mudta triggers your chakras
5. Prevents you from over eating
6. When the food touches the nerve endings, a signal is sent to digestive system to start secreting the relevant digestive juices thus leading to better digestion.

Moreover doesn't indian food taste better when eaten with your own hands?? Let me know.

#indianroots #eatingwithhands #ditchthatfork #AmitaMishra #holisticnutritionist #lifestylecoach #bestnutritionistinmumbai #onlineweightlossprogram #health #weightlossmyths #exercise

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Smile. Do it right now as you read this. Put a big warm smile on your face.
Not a fake one but the one that brings out the inner happiness, health and longevity and also the one that makes your face glow just like @mickey_mehta

#innerglow #mickeymehta #igotmickeymised #healthandwellness #worldhealthandwellnesscongressawards

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The challenge is to feel better about yourself!

#clienttransformation #wednesdaymotivation #liveeveryday #eattolive #AmitaMishra #Inchlossstories #bestnutritionistinmumbai #beyondweightloss #healthyeating #indianfood

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Might sound dramatic but this is the first time I've ever held a puppy in my life.
And the ones who know me, know that I am shit scared of dogs..
So it's one of the biggest moments of my life 😂😂 as I always count overcoming my fears as big moment's and like everything in life I chose to smile through it (peeing in my saree though)

Ok bye I need to process this!


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