Often in my first interaction, I always find clients mentioning that “I have been thinking since a while to start, but for “some reason or the other” could not pay attention to my health”.  Now doesn’t this sound like something that we have always heard of, or a situation where we end up finding ourselves? It’s not only about weight loss, it is the attitude that we have towards things that we adore or those that are good for us. Be it enrolling for a hobby class, going for a trek, reading your favourite book, buying your favourite dress, learning something new, pampering yourself, and I can just keep going on!Tell me this Why do you think we  always struggle to do the right thing for us or wait till its to late? Here is why; everything requires EFFORT, TIME and the most important of all to get ourselves out of the COMFORT ZONE. Let us not forget nothing comes easy. Without taking that leap of faith and prioritizing your health and putting the needs before the wants, it is going to be just another thing that we pushed away. I know that I am talking in general, so let me be the nutritionist I am, and help you on “where we can start” in terms of your health goals or in “losing weight”


Here are my 5 ways to a better you:



Applicable to everything you do. Just sitting back for five minutes and reflecting on what is the situation “right now” and what can be done “to make it better” one step at a time, will simply be enough motivation to help you walk towards the right path and to chalk out your own plan ahead everytime.

Identify what is stopping you AKA THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP


Often we work upon the consequence and not the cause in itself. For example, with gaining weight, you will directly resort to eating less, or reducing the calories. But what is causing the gain? Have you stopped and asked yourselves? It can be emotional stress, overeating, eating out frequently, not sleeping on time, having late meals, etc. So now if you know that “eating out often” is causing the gain in your weight it’s easier and practical to work on that aspect, rather than reducing the amount of calories.

Looking for a tiffin service, learning to make a khichdi, or cultivating the art of preparing your meals is the effort you need to put in here and not resorting to salads and soups, then getting stressed, and in a month saying that “It’s too difficult and restrictive,  I can’t do this”.


If you don’t do the wrong things right, you keep doing the right things wrong.



Now what has that got to do with weight loss you say?


  Losing weight is a lifestyle change, not something you do only to get it look good or fit in your old clothes.

Including a small snack to avoid a long gap to avoiding the use of gadgets before sleeping [enhances sleep and recovery process of the body] and even while eating [awareness of how much you eat (mindful eating)] are all small steps towards the ultimate goal. Cultivate one habit at a time after you understand your weaknesses.


The correct path

Okay so we finally are committed and we decide to eat clean, workout, start walking all on the same day, follow it for a week, and the next week, it all goes down the sweat!

I cannot emphasize more on following the correct path which in the long run is the only sustainable way of a healthy lifestyle.


Step 1


Start with eating clean, reducing long gaps between your meals , including serving of seasonal fruits veggies , stay hydrated, with this you should feel energetic enough to take the next step.


Step 2


The focus here is to  increase your physical activity.

Once the eating routine is established, start consciously working on increasing physical activity. Start small; take the stairs, walk down small distances, buy your own veggies and groceries, visit your nearby park, have a post dinner walk, etc

Then gradually make time to workout for at least 3 days in a week.

If you start all  3 together and don’t let your brain and body adapt to each change, you know the result right?

You are going to be in the same old loop if you don’t take it slow. So let us take our first step today


Stop weighing everyday

Do not jump on every weighing scale that you see. Though it is important to track your progress, it is not advisable to  be always stressing out about the number on the scale. Weight loss should be a byproduct of your efforts and should not be the only thing that you are putting the efforts for. Allow to weigh yourself every 10 days or so, but within those 10 days use different parameters to check improvements. The way your clothes fit, your sleep quality, the pain during your menstruals, your energy levels, your commitment to exercise or physical activity, the clarity of mind, your stress levels, your skin, etc. The ultimate principle is to develop in each area, that’s what holistic health is all about.

So write to me what is the first step you are going to take today towards a better lifestyle!


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