Often, we treat ourselves with guilt when we tend to grab that extra slice of pizza when we are to be following a diet. We are here to reassure you that it does not matter if you choose a burger or a pizza or even the most chocolaty dessert when you are eating out but it matters on how often and how much of it you choose to eat.

Most of us do mindless eating and that is where we go wrong. We do not let our body give us the sign that we are full but we keep nibbling till the last bit on the plate has vanished.

Let us share with you on what you can follow:

Dos Don’ts
1.     Always look at the menu before you head to the restaurant: this is to avoid making choices when you are super hungry as usually, we would pick the first thing on the menu Avoid thick gravies as they are prepared beforehand and are not fresh
2.     Have few fruits or yogurt before you go to the restraint so that you can avoid binge eating Deep fried foods like samosa
3.     Eat mindfully: enjoy each flavour and aroma, this will help you understand what you are eating and make healthier choices Do not go for a simple paratha ask for a mix vegetable paratha or if you are having aloo parathas make sure to share
4.     Choose tandoori/baked items as starters Do not have tortilla chips with refried beans and lots of cheese
5.     Drink water before and while eating Avoid sugary drinks, ask for fresh juices
6.     When it comes to dessert share it with your friends and families/ ask for fruits along side your dessert so that you are mixing antioxidants with your meal Do not wait for your friends/families to order as their choice will influence you
7.     opt for lean meats like chicken or fish and ask how they are prepared Do not get fooled by the health claims on the menu like paleo or sugar-free dessert as added sugars and fats can be present to make the meal tastier
8. Ask for dressing on the side Do not hesitate to treat yourself

We hope after going through this you have a better understanding on what are the right choices to make. Do not feel guilty to eat. Do not think “Oh no I am on a diet; I should have just avoided to go out to eat.” Instead learn what is best for your mind and body to help support your overall health.

Any negative reaction while eating effects the entire process of how well the food is digested and the nutrients absorbed. Eat mindfully and chew slowly while eating. This itself will make great changes in your lifestyle.

Going out to eat? Shout out to us and we will share with you on more tips you can follow to get it right!

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