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Amita’s diet is as unique as her, being skeptical how online diets will work, took a decision finally to have healthy diet.meal plans on each session are very healthy with not complicating and crash diets, losing weight has become very easy with self-discipline and mindful eating under her encouragement. Her dedication will motivate you more on weight loss goals.

The best nutritionist that anyone could have, very professional way of approach. You deserve to be the best.

wishing you more success.

Rufeena Joseph

Amita is not only a fantastic dietician who totally understands all your needs and moods but also is a wonderful friend who is always available no matter the day or time to revert back to any questions and always helps in a positive way! She taught me to enjoy every bit of whatever I eat without thinking about GUILT!! Not only am I much more aware of the portion size and quality of food but I am much more at peace with myself and the food choices I make. So thank you so much Amita for all the help and mentoring! This has indeed been a wonderful journey with you. Wishing you all the very best and loads of success always 💕

Anuja shah, Netherlands

I had been following the plans Amita made for me and I really liked the diet plans I was given. They were extremely interesting and not restrictive. At the same time, it completely fulfilled the purpose of creating healthy eating habits and that most things that are eaten in proportion are heathy.
Amita, herself is very sweet, approachable and motivating which really helps when you’re discouraged or demotivated. She gives her time to speak to you and encourages and supports you.
Thank you for the experience Amita:)

Hiral Gandhi

One of my best decisions in recent time was to approach Amita. I was dealing with lot of health issues and it was high time I needed a lifestyle change. Amita’s weekly plans helped me cruise through this transition. She not only helped me change my habits but also explained it’s nature & consequences of each habit. I can happily say I have reached my goals. Thanks, Amita😘 Keep up the good work!

Ashwini Shetty

Amita, thank you so much for all the positivity you brought to my life. It made a lot of difference and I learned a lot in our time together. I learned how to take care of my body, mind and eating habits. Your breathing exercises work like a charm. I’m looking forward to getting on board again soon. I surely need more advice, motivation, and so much more to learn.

Aarti Gupta

A dietician and a friend what more can I say. You are the nicest person I met, so humble, so much patience to always listen to me every time. Replying me on WhatsApp every time, no matter what time and how busy you are. Understanding my habits, my family routine and along with that helping me in my diet plan. I still remember about the day I asked for the 1 day only mango plan and we laughed a lot on it but you actually made that plan for me, and I was so happy with that plan.
Always believed that good health is not only a good diet but good mental health also. So with you again I started my Yoga on a regular basis. Showing me the right path always when it comes to health. I always find a friend more than a dietician who pushed me when I am not in a good phase and put me back on track.
You made me understand that a good lifestyle is not a one-time goal to achieve it’s a long journey and accepting the good lifestyle. This doesn’t mean to eat tasteless and only vegies and salad and soups. Always believe in the balanced Indian diet, which our family uses to follow and we use to have it in childhood. BALANCED DIET is the primary factor whatever you eat, you made me understand that. Always made me understand how to and what to order when we are going to a restaurant, never restrict me to eat outside but always taught me what to order. This is what called a long-lasting diet plan which we can really learn after some time and carry our whole life.
Thank you Amita not for diet plan but for being my real mentor and friend. With whom defiantly lost weight but more than that I achieved a good lifestyle .

Amisha Bhatt, Qatar

Amita ma’am motivated me and helped me in gaining weight, as I was at bed rest for the last 3 months..she checked on me regularly and always motivated me to eat high protein with taking care of my cravings for sweets or chocolates. My ESR was also very high [108] and she helped me lower that also through the healthy diet and lifestyle and now it is at 29. she suggests an easy and yummy diet so we can follow it without diet cheat day!!😊

Divya Jain

I have no words to express my gratitude towards Amita. How do I begin, she is super positive, so much that it’s totally addictive. She is one of a kind and always has those encouraging words for you. Very understanding and never puts any pressure on you. On the contrary, I don’t know how she does it but she motivates you to do better and to enjoy yourself in your sessions.
 I feel really privileged to have a person like her in my life.
With her, you can achieve any goal, and I mean ANY!!!!!
She is very professional and at the same time very friendly, she makes you feel like a part of the family.
Thank you so much, Amita for being such a wonderful person.
Sushma Shivnani

As long as I can remember, I have been tilting the weighing scale in one direction alone. I am really obese but still active, I always thought something is wrong with my body as I always eat in moderation, even though I hardly workout. I tried almost all the Diet programs, Cleansing, Protein, Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Shake for a Meal, Big Corporate Sponsored 1 Week program, etc, etc. But none of the things really helped me in shedding pounds off my body to a reasonable level. Then I came to know about Dietitian Mrs.Amita Pandey and grasped all the details of my eating habits, preferences, workout routine, lifestyle, etc. She gave a plan two days after when I looked at the plan I thought the intake has increased, and I thought I sure was gonna put on weight. And indeed what was suggested by the chart was more than I usually eat as I was always full and I had something to eat every two hours or so, but I started losing weight. I was active, I was having tasty food and I was always full, but I kept losing weight. Unlike other diets where I was starving and have craving for food, here I did not feel like eating anything other than what was part of the program.Mrs.Amita Mishra was in regular touch to answer any questions and alter the plan to suit my needs and a Big Thanks to her, I lost 10 Kgs in two months with a little bit of exercise and strict diet plan. I would recommend this to my friends who want a healthy lifestyle.

Chinmay Kalekar

I have found Amita to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I consult Amita on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my kids. I trust her advice. Thanks to Amita, who has made me realize the importance of having healthy food, and since then our lifestyle has been changed drastically. I can only recommend Amita!

Rekha Pandey

Sessions planned by Amita were absolutely doable. I didn’t have to starve to diet. Where I felt I couldn’t manage she helped with alternatives. Firstly being a Jain by religion I have lots of diet restrictions. Amita made sure she catered to them and where recipe didn’t she provided substitutes. Other personal and emotional circumstances were always kept in mind and Amita was always very empathetic with a personal touch. Which to a great extent helped me lose and maintain tooAll communications from Amita are always very positive. Just the positivity itself motivates. Also, her belief in her clients helps boost self-confidence

All of the above put together i.e. empathy, patience, understanding and the vast and varied knowledge put together makes Amita different

Very focused but at the same time caring. Amita Knows exactly how to handle difficult clients like me and win them over with her friendly charm and but of course, thorough knowledge is the bases that make the other person more confident about what they are getting into.

Mili Udani , Australia

A wonderful nutritionist .Very focussed and vast knowledge about her work and her diets are do able .She is also in tune with the medical world our health problems and how to overcome it by having a healthy diet.She is very caring and respects the condition of her clients we feel like we r her family not clients .Her hard work ,dedication ,efforts behind us makes her a unique nutritionist.She is very responsive and plans and guides each session by making us understand what actually we r doing. 

-Swati Mishra, Kalyan

Amita is incredibly responsive and I felt she is more like a food therapist than a dietician, which is exactly what I needed. I couldn’t thank Amita enough.
She helped me improve mental health which made me feel so much better, simply because of her better nutrition advice. I would recommend everyone who’s struggling to have a good diet please approach Amita Mishra.

Indu Pandey


Amita Mishra is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with cutting edge interventions and in depth personalized assessment and testing make her a very unique dietitian/ nutritionist. She firmly believes in eating right and using the highest quality natural and local foods available, thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live a happier, healthier and longer life.

Samarth Pandey, Mumbai

She is the best dietitian I have enrolled to,she really understands the wants and cravings perfectly and prepares a balanced meal plan for the same.

Trust me guys, I enrolled for a weight gain programme and she has done wonders for me

I highly recommend her for everyone looking for weight loss or gain or even just motivation

Urvaksh Motafram

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