Our Approach

Our  consultations focus more on the “nutrient intake” as compared to the flawed practice of just counting “Calories” and the general weight loss protocols.

We make you keep a track of your eating habit, portion control, sleep hours, medical conditions, fitness, productivity, energy levels, stress, mental peace etc, and the goal is to improve holistically in all areas, hence keeping our program more sustainable as a lifestyle adaptation.

Moreover there are small “goals” kept in each session based on the same, which helps you plan towards the main goal and keeps you self motivated in each session. 

How will it work.

1. You have to fill in a detailed assessment form, which will help us understand your lifestyle better.

2. Post sending that, your first session is crafted [1 session is of 10 days]

3. In between one session, you update your parameters twice [mid session and end of session ], and the next session is followed after that.

What it Includes-


You start off with an hour-long first appointment where your lifestyle is understood, and the plan of action for you is suggested with your full involvement [every client has a customized plan of action based on the key areas which need to be worked upon on priority]

Meal Planning

There is a call post sending each session, to educate you about the basics of the meal plan and how you plan your day as per the same.


Phone, whats-app and email support for all of your queries.

Special Meal Plan

 Meal planning for special occasions like work travel, holiday, wedding, festivals, etc


A weight and inch tracker to help monitor your progress


Nutritious recipes to help you with mindful eating.

The charges for the diet programs are as below

Other Nutrition Guidance

Food Coaching

Sport Nutrition

Weight Management

Nutrition for Children

Therapeutic Nutrition


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Diwali- Our way of looking at it

Diwali- Our way of looking at it

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Abhyanga Snan- Health importance of this holy bath

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Destroy your modern-day demons this Dussehra

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